VARIO•Cam & Carrier

Professional Flightcam Equipment


Vario Helicopter has been developing high quality, high performance remote controlled model helicopters for over 35 years.

With our vast experience we can offer our corporate customers a guarantee of unsurpassed value for money with excellent quality and flight performance. We are also well known for our excellent after sales support and spare parts availability.

Under the brand name “Cam and Carrier”, we are proud to offer payload carrying RC helicopters for professional and semi-professional applications.

Applications include film and photography productions, check flights for fire / smoke detection, pipeline surveys, Archaeology and Architecture, real estate promotion, holiday destination promotion, crop surveys, the emergency services, military, the building industry, etc, etc.

Vario Helicopter is always striving to develop new products and is continually focused on the support of our customers around the world. As a result of our hard work and excellent reputation Vario was presented with the Bavaria Export Award in 2009


Neuste Modell-Entwicklung in Kooperation mit den großen Firmen der manntragenden Helikopterindustrie.